Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sara Jeal Photos' photostream

Archway edited using curvesGrovely TrackOrange popB&W Snow & Colour PotsLens FlareEvening Starscape
Salisbury Cathedral with StarburstLandscape with StarburstMoonFemale MerlinFemale MerlinGolden bud
CrunchAnticipationMy placeBoundNew homeSpun
Man on the horizonBuzzyCudNew cropRustedThorn on my side

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laura Bednarski said...

Hello I am going to be the first to comment and welcome you to the blogging world. It can be a little lonely!!
I started blogging in May. It is great fun and has been therapeutic for me as well as a great learning experience.
I too am a self taught photographer. I love to shoot everything however I am specializing in food.
I have been a food stylist for many years working along side great food photographers. I learned a lot that way too.
Nothing like doing your own work though.
So much to learn always.