Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How often should I post?

Ok, so I got started last week and since then I have been tweeting away on Twitter @sarajealphotos (just in case I hadn't mentioned that!) and gaining more followers which I hope will eventually mean more exposure as a photographer.  I also hope that it means I will have a better all round view of the photography world around me, because at the moment I am pretty green to all that goes on out there!  I keep looking for articles of interest to tweet and am trying to learn from others by looking at their websites and blogs, but I seem to have spent so much time doing this in the last few days that I haven't actually posted anything to my blog!  So how often should I post to my blog?  Every day I have thought about this and I've felt a sense of guilt for not posting a daily about giving myself a headache!  After all, this is meant to be fun and about me sharing some of my photography and all the stuff that I learn along the way.  There are so many distractions when it comes to looking for articles or work of interest, reading tweets and looking at websites, reading tutorials and commenting on posts that I'm in danger of forgetting to actually go out and take photos.  That said, I do think that this new journey I'm embarking on will benefit the way I look at photography....its fine that I am in love with photography and fantastic that I am making connections with other like minded people but I do want it to actually go somewhere at some point in my life.  What photographer doesn't want their images to be admired and be worth selling?  But where do you even start?  Erm...I'd buy a camera first and then the possibilities are endless..... 

So, to try and stay focused I am going to limit myself to 2 blogs a week, there's no point in blogging just for the sake of it but I'd like to think that I do have something to say a couple of times a week.  As I'm new to Twitter and found some pretty interesting people I'll probably be mentioning a few that I think are worth a look or that have caught my attention.  One of the best websites I subscribe to that give great articles and insights into the photography world is @LightStalking and I have gained a few fantastic contacts through their Twitter and website, its definitely good for inspiration and they have a section of cool photos which are usually posted from Flickr.  I visit often as they also pick the best of the web for great tutorial websites and such.  I'd say its a pretty cool place to start!

I'm off to end my evening with a tweet to my blog, I'm so techno its unreal! Bye for now..... :) 

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